Prosperoats: Our Vendors Are Local

Coda Coffee

Denver, CO

“Feel good about the coffee you drink”

A company fueled by a passion for awesome coffee and worldly do-gooding that creates a feel-good community for everyone they touch—customers, vendors, farmers, and employees. They offer a variety of organic and fair-trade coffee beans, and we love their “Farm2Cup” certification. Initiating best practice sharing and quality control, investing in the farming communities and bringing a better quality of life for farmers, they are able to bring you the highest quality coffee possible: it tastes good, it feels good, and we absolutely love it.

Two Leaves And A Bud

Basalt, CO

“We take tea personally”

Out of Basalt, CO, Two Leaves And A Bud™ works tirelessly to provide great organic tea, seeking out gardens committed to growing new organic tea bushes. Visiting the tea farms has shown them that great growers deserve to be rewarded for great tea, so they pay more for premium whole-leaf teas and ensure that more money makes it back to the source. They are a Fair-Trade-certified company and about as local as tea companies come. Not to take things personally, but they’re a tea favorite of ours.

Mission Wear

Denver, CO

“Reusable Products, Renewable People”

A non-profit organization located in the heart of Denver’s Cap Hill neighborhood, Beth Massey and her team of women are creating products with a mission. Mission Wear hires women in recovery and searching for an opportunity to begin again, and teaches them the art of sewing; they learn to create reusable products such as laptop/messenger bags, totes, and Prosperoats´ very own sustainable coffee sleeves! Everything is made from upcycled materials like marketing banners, denim, T-shirts, burlap coffee bags and repurposed bike tires; materials that would otherwise be landfill. We love their products and we love their mission. Upcycled products upcycling lives… now that’s a mission we can feel good about!

Jerry’s Nut House

Denver, CO

“If nuts don’t meet our high standards, we feed ‘em to the squirrels (not our customers!)”

A Denver fixture for more than 60 years, Jerry’s Nut House is our go-to place for all of our dried nuts and berries. Jerry’s has been roasting and selling nuts across the Rocky Mountains and always offers the highest-quality and best-tasting goods out there. The business is still family-owned to this day and we are proud to call them partners of Prosperoats.

Honeyville Colorado

Durango, CO

“From the land of Elk and Honey ... Family-owned since 1918”

A third generation beekeeping and honey-bottling, family business located in beautiful Durango, Colorado, Honeyville has outgrown the honey supply located around the immediate area so they have branched out to other family beekeepers, all located in the Rocky Mountains. All of their syrups are made with freshly-picked fruit and sweetened with just the right amount of Honeyville Honey ... some of our menu favorites. Wholesome, to-die-for, and Colorado-grown.